1997 Agreement With Russia On Nato Expansion

The fact is that, as with any sovereign country, the primary responsibility for maintaining law and order in Afghanistan, including the drug trade, rests with the Afghan government. For more than 20 years, NATO has been working to establish a partnership with Russia, to develop dialogue and practical cooperation in areas of common interest. Cooperation has been suspended since 2014 in response to Russian military intervention in Ukraine, but political and military communication channels remain open. The fear of the continued destabilization of Russia`s military activities and aggressive rhetoric goes far beyond Ukraine. The agreement, reached after months of heated debate and private conflict, aimed to reconcile seemingly incompatible objectives: to protect the rights of potential new members of the Alliance, while preserving the West`s cooperative relations with the new democratic Russia. At the White House, Clinton`s accomplices used the agreement as evidence that the president had achieved the central goals of his second term. NATO enlargement, they said, was the president`s top foreign policy priority, just as the balanced budget agreement was his first domestic policy agreement. “We made these agreements in the first 120 days,” said Rahm Emanuel, Clinton`s senior adviser. Cottey, A.C., T. Edmunds, and A.

Forster. 2002. “Military Affairs: Beyond Prague.” NATO Review, No. 3, www.nato.int/DOCU/review/2002/issue3/english/military.html. Lane, A.T. 1997. The Baltic countries, NATO enlargement and Russia. Journal of Baltic Studies 28 (4): 295-308. In addition, during the CFE Adaptation Negotiations, NATO Member States and Russia will work with other States Parties to strengthen stability by developing measures to prevent a potentially threatening build-up of conventional forces in agreed regions of Europe, including Central and Eastern Europe. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation moved to a more open economy with less state intervention, and Russia became an important part of the world economy. [151] In 1998, Russia joined the G8, a forum of eight major industrialized countries, including six NATO members.

In 2012, Russia joined the World Trade Organization, an organization of governments committed to reducing tariffs and other trade barriers.