What Type Of Agreement Is Used To Form A Partnership Business Mcq

2. What kind of agreement does it use to launch a partnership operation? 8. What is the characteristic of a partnership operation? (a) Facilitate training (b) Limited responsibility (c) Limited lifespan (d) Mutual Agency 2. What kind of agreement is used to form a partnership? (a) Written Agreement (b) Verbal Agreement (c) Written or Oral Agreement (d) None of them 44. A, B and C are not partners. A-Capital is 3.00,000 EUROS AND THE CAPITAL OF B 1.00,000 EURO. C has not invested an amount as capital, but it manages the entire business on its own. C wants?30,000 p.a. as salary.

The company made a profit of 1.50,000 euros. What will be the share of the profits of each partner: (A) A 60,000; B 60,000; C -Nil (B) 90,000 USD; B 30,000; C -Nil (C) 40,000 USD; B 40,000 and 40,000 (D) 50,000 USD; B 50,000 and C 50,000. 24. In the absence of agreement, partners are not entitled to: (A) Salary (B) Commission (C) Equal share in profit (D) (a) and b) Select the best alternative and respond with the answers at the end of the book: (i) Characteristics or characteristics of Partnership 1. The characteristics of a partnership company are: (A) Two or more people carry out joint operations as part of an agreement. (B) They share profits and losses in fixed proportion. (C) Transactions are carried out by any or one of them as an agent. (D) All of the above points. (a) Salary to be paid to a partner b) Rent payable to a partner c) Interest to be paid to a partner for a loan received by the partnership (d) Interest paid into the partners` capital accounts 3. In the case of a partnership, a partner`s action is: (C.S.

Foundation Dec. 2012) (A) Link with all partners (B) Link with that partner (C) Link with all partners except the respective partner (D) None of the partnership mentioned above overflows, contains data related to 6. Sleeping partners are those who (A) are actively involved in the management of the business, but do not provide capital. But they get paid. (B) do not participate in the activity, but actively participate in the management of capital gains and capital and equity losses in the agreed report (C), but do not provide capital. Capital gains and share losses in the agreed quota. (D) do not participate in the activity and do not contribute to capital. Capital gains and share losses in the agreed quota.

(a) Section 24 applies to all partnerships. b) Section 24 applies only if the social contract states that it is (c) section 24 application only if there is no partnership agreement (d) Section 24 applies to all aspects that are not covered by the partnership agreement. Where there is no agreement between the partners, what will be the benefit/sharing ratio between them? a) In the event of a pieced dissolution of the assets made 240,000 dollars and commitments have been reduced with 10% reduction, identify the profit or loss in the event of dissolution of the partnership. Note: The total amount received by the partner is the salary – the share of profits 49. A, B and C are partners in a company without agreement. You deposited 750,000, 730,000 and 720,000 in capital in the company. A couldn`t work six months a year because of illness. At the end of the year the company 7 won 15,000 pro-Lit. A will participate in the benefit: (A) 77,500 (B) 73,750 (C) 75,000 (D) 72,500 28. A, B and C were partners with capitals of 50,000 EUROS; 40,000 Us-Euro and? 30,000 or in partnership.