Tense Agreement Test

We have ESL, TOEIC, TOEFL test compilations and more! Check the following sentences for confused shifts in voltage. If the tension of each underlined verb expresses exactly the temporal relationship, write S (satisfactory). If a voltage move is not appropriate, impose U (unsatisfactory) and make the necessary changes. In most cases with an inappropriate lag, there is more than one way to correct inconsistency. By reading the sentences, you can see time differences. learn how to use frequency adverbs to describe how often we do things. ___ 5. After visiting Alaska on his third voyage, Captain James Cook was killed by Hawaiian islanders in 1779. A. NO CHANGE.

Harlem Renaissance author Zora Neale Hurston is known for her novels, especially your eyes were looking at God, but she was also a devoted chronicler of African-American folklore.C. areD. after that I barely had time to think about it before it….. For my opinion. asked to ask to test your understanding of the adjective word order in sentences. A. NO CHANGE. their existence is C. although they are available. they exist The Witness …… All those who have nothing to do with crime. Convinced () convinced () 8.

Lin continues to challenge himself in a career that combines an appreciation of sculpture, architecture and the complexity of the human experience. A public library in Ohio, a chapel in Pennsylvania, a train station in New York – these are just a few of the places that were influenced by Maya Lin. ___ 7. The moderator asks questions as soon as the speaker is ready. 19. On the boardwalk, a woman sells shelled mangoes for a dollar each. She served them drizzled with lemon and salt and cut so professionally that the slices were easy to pick. 3. I govalue`go”>ve been to the gym and worked on the “worked out” >work out every Saturday.

Make more ACT Grammar: Verb Tense and Agreement Questions A. NO CHANGEB. Reward C. he had been rewarded. a. NO CHANGEB. Maybe it`s C. maybe DD. 3. In the 12th century, history was illustrated by rolls of images; in the 17th century, woodcut books were produced on the basis of history.