Settlement Agreement Significato In Italiano

4 (Colonization Act) Colonization f., colony m. the settlers; (Colony) Colony f., colony m.: Greek colonies at Magna Graecia the Greek colonies of Magna Graecia. 1 Composition f., housing, dissolution f., definition f.: settlement of a dispute for the resolution of a dispute; to make a resolution of the strike. Olympique de Marseille is once again under Uefa`s objective of not respecting the stakes imposed by financial fair play. The French association, along with the Poles, was referred by Lechia Gdansk to the Chamber of Judges of the Club Financial Control Body, at the end of an investigation into the periodic checks provided in the transaction contract for the current season. According to the chief investigator of the supervisory body, the French did not comply with the conditions set out in the agreement… 6 (location act) Installation f.: the installation of a new factory, the installation of a new factory. The highest Turkish score Trabzonspor has been excluded from European competitions for a year because it has not respected the stakes imposed by financial fair play. Uefa announced the sanction imposed on the Turkish club for non-compliance with the terms of the transaction agreement signed in 2016, the year in which the club`s financial supervisory body of the continental body found breaches of Trebizond`s company. The disqualification for the Turks is planned from… No thorns from Uefa.

Olympique de Marseille will participate in the next Champions League, although it has not complied with the rules of financial fair play. The French club, which was referred to the jury of the Club Financial Control Body for violation of the pickets imposed by the transaction contract, was fined 3 million euros, in addition to the 15% reduction in the proceeds of participation in Uefa tournaments in the 2020/21 and 2021/22 seasons. The Marsigliesi… Many wonder why AC Milan, and therefore its shareholder Elliott, have decided to offer Uefa the path that led to the exclusion of the Uefa Cup for one year. The advantage, in particular, in a specific sense: Milan could resort to a transactional procedure, modelled on the procedure adopted for Inter, with the aim of falling into the actions imposed by Uefa within three years. The next question: Elliott is resting for at least the next three years… 8 (Econ) balance m., liquidation, payment m., payment m.: counting of an invoice account. Seven years later, Paris Saint-Germain freed itself from the “burden” of the Qatari tourist office.

A sponsor, who was funding the Paris Club with an agreement initially estimated at between $150 million and $200 million, found himself under the microscope of Uefa because of the generous subsidies granted to the club of Sheikh Al Khelaifis. The Settlment agreement placed bets (from 2014 to 2017), but the historic change only happened this year. Psg has another… A “new” financial fair play to promote the sustainable development of football in Europe. The “Does Financial Fair Play Matter” conference, held at Bocconi University, highlighted the views of associations and Uefa on the instrument for monitoring the budgets of European companies. The reason why Inter had to submit a transaction contract in recent years, as well as Roma, while AC Milan was excluded from the Europa League. Several clubs, on the other hand, are … 2 (Agreement) Agreement m., accommodation m.: to find an agreement, an agreement (with con).