Deep River Police Collective Agreement

23 For due time reasons, City Council was unable to accommodate the police consultation plan at the closed-door meeting on May 17, 2017. Instead, the city council decided to discuss the issue the next day, after an information and council training meeting. 45 However, our interviews and document verification indicate that the Commission did not discuss named individuals at the in camera meeting. In addition, staff were not the subject of a personal debate: behaviour, character and work were not addressed. The discussion focused on the provision of police services in general and how to communicate with the public on this issue. 2The complainant also argued that a police consultation “working group” set up at the closed-door meeting on 18 May should have been classified as a Council committee, subject to the requirements of the open meeting in accordance with the city`s law and internal regulations. 73The City of Deep River Council violated the 2001 Municipal Act and city procedures on May 18, 2017, while reviewing the police consultation plan behind closed doors. 8We reviewed the relevant sections of the Municipality`s Procedure Regulations and the Act, as well as the agenda and minutes of the May 17, 2017 meeting, which continued on May 18, 2017. The closed minutes contained very detailed notes from the Assistant Officer, which appear to provide a full account of the discussion. These notes offered a quasi-literal dialogue about what each person said during the in camera meeting. We also reviewed various documents relating to the police service`s consultation plan, including a draft timetable, a staff report, minutes of other Council meetings and various correspondences. Staff are advised that if the city enters into negotiations with the OPP, a satellite office will be opened as a condition of the agreement, taking into account the employment of current civilian personnel; (If your policy is not listed for any reason, please contact us.) These measures are designed to protect the health and well-being of our police and community members. If you have any questions about COVID-19, please contact renfrew District Public Health.

By sticking to current measures, we can all reduce the potential for the spread of this virus. On behalf of the Deep River Police Service, please know that our thoughts are with all concerned. 1Our office received a complaint that Deep River City Council had met inappropriately behind closed doors on May 17 and 18, 2017. The complainant felt that the Commission should not have discussed a consultation plan for the police service behind closed doors, as it did not appear to be part of any of the exceptions under the 2001 Municipal Act for closed meetings. All members of the City of Deep River Council should be vigilant in meeting their individual and collective obligation to ensure that the Council will perform its duties under the 2001 Municipal Act and its own internal bylaw. 37The agenda did not explicitly specify which private meetings the City Council wished to rely on to discuss the police service consultation plan: 18Rat accepted the Committee`s recommendation and a consultation plan for police services was developed by staff as required by the Council.