Collaboration Agreement India

c. Liquidation , mandatory or voluntary of that other party, except in the context of a merger, replenishment, consolidation, restructuring or disposal of assets as a current undertaking and for the continuation of its activities by the purchaser of that party, provided, however, that, in this case, the entity that pursues the activity previously carried out by that other party undertakes to fulfil all the obligations of that party in an appropriate instrument. one. A is established on or before the last day of the annual/annual reports on B on the annual reports B……….. after each calendar year for which royalties must be paid under this agreement, the product produced in the factory in the previous year indicating the amount of the licence due and payable. At the time of these reports, A pays B the up and down fees payable. 27. All sanctions, authorizations, licences, licences and other requirements imposed by the Indian government and all legal authorities necessary to enforce all the conditions of this agreement are requested by the Indian company. a) This agreement remains for a period of………..

in force. from the date the agreement was signed. At the expiry of this agreement, the KNOW HOW THEREFORE, which is delivered to A, will remain its property for its full and free use. 1. Know how all inventions, processes, patents, engineering and manufacturing skills and other technical information, patentable or not, that are currently in possession of B or are in possession of this agreement, including, but not limited: 3. Subject to other provisions of this agreement, B A. 28 is granted by this. In the event of disputes or disputes between the parties or with respect to the rights and obligations arising from this Agreement or with respect to any claim. Whether or not money from one party against the other or with respect to the interpretation and effect of the terms of this agreement, this dispute or difference is referred to a common arbitrator`s arbitration proceeding if agreed or otherwise appointed to two arbitrators, one appointed by each of the parties to that agreement and such arbitration procedure is governed by the Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996.